Hanna Crowley/ Mustang News

The Cal Poly administration recently decided to suspend the early decision option on the Cal Poly application starting in the 2016-17 academic year.

University spokesperson Matt Lazier said the change is to ensure equality and fair access for all prospective students.

“Careful evaluation of admissions data showed that the early decision option creates a disadvantage for lower-income students because it requires applicants to make a binding commitment before knowing their full financial aid status,” Lazier wrote in an email.

But for some students, it may make their lives harder.

Architectural engineering sophomore Lindsey MacDonald said she always knew she wanted to go to Cal Poly. Without the early decision option, she would’ve been stressed all senior year or possibly wouldn’t have been accepted.

“Everybody said if you applied early decision you’d have a better chance (of getting in),” MacDonald said. 

According to Lazier, administration made its decision to improve equality on campus.

“Suspending the early decision option is the right thing to do and upholds the university’s commitment to providing equality and fair access for all,” Lazier said.

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