Credit: File Photo | Mustang News

Cal Poly Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey announced Thursday that the university won’t comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after a US Court of Appeals judge ruled that a federal program protecting immigrants is unlawful.

The ruling in New Orleans on Wednesday was a blow to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which protects more than 650,000 individuals who were brought into the US as children from being deported and allows them to receive work permits. The ruling affirms a lower federal district court’s decision from 2021.

The program is still alive for now, though, thanks to a Biden Administration policy that aimed to preserve DACA. The Appeals Court ruling doesn’t prohibit the government from renewing DACA protections (which expire every two years), but it blocks any new applications to the program, Mustang News previously reported.

To combat Biden’s policy, the Appeals Court judge returned the case back to Houston’s Federal District Court. It’s unclear whether district court judges will strike down existing DACA protections.

Humphrey sent an email to students Thursday writing that Cal Poly will protect DACA recipients and all other campus community members.

“Individuals without legalized status who attend Cal Poly or any of our sister campuses are welcome and are to be treated with the same love, empathy, and respect as anyone else,” Humphrey wrote. “You are Mustangs and will always be welcome in our community.”

Cal Poly will defer to the CSU Chancellor’s office for further information on changes to DACA, according to Humphrey.