As part of a new Campus Dining initiative to bring variety to food on campus, SloDoCo will have a pop-up stand in the lobby of 805 Kitchen until Friday, Sept. 27. The booth is accepting PolyCards for payment. 

The SloDoCo pop-up menu consists of 15 donuts, including the cinnabomb, vegan cake, baked gluten-free, assorted old fashioned and assorted buttermilk, according to SloDoCo store manager Heather Hackleman. 

Campus Dining is looking to host vendors that offer something unique to the campus experience, while complementing the options already in place, according to Campus Dining communications specialist Aaron Lambert. 

Sean Galusha | Mustang News

The on campus pop-up has sold between 20 and 22 dozen donuts each day, according to Hackleman. 

“Its beneficial to have this pop up because of time restrictions, and we don’t have cars,” architecture freshman Graci Lusk said. “Especially for architecture and engineering majors because we don’t have the time to leave.”

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