Chino's Rock & Tacos has found a new owner and will remain open. | Erica Husting/Mustang News

Celina Oseguera

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Chino’s Rock and Tacos will live to host another Taco Tuesday.

According to restaurant manager Mikal Dyer, the San Luis Obispo Mexican restaurant Chino’s Rock and Tacos will stay open for at least one more week while it searches for a new owner.

“Yeah, after all, we found out that we are going to be open for at least another week,” Dyer said. “I’m just finding out information as it comes to me.”

Dyer said she was told by restaurant owner Javier Cadena on Friday afternoon, the day Chino’s initially planned to close, that it would stay open.

Chino’s is currently looking at one prospective owner, Dyer said.

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