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Under the draft policy, no greek events with alcohol could be held during finals week or at a greek house during Week of Welcome.

Sean McMinn

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A proposed party-registration policy under discussion Friday by Cal Poly administrators and greek student leaders includes regulations that would forbid attendees from serving hard alcohol, bringing kegs, taking shots and playing drinking games. It would also regulate the amount of alcohol each person can bring to a party, according to a version of the policy obtained by Mustang News.

The draft version, which would also regulate the amount of alcohol each person can bring to an “alcohol related event,” was confirmed Saturday as correct by a source familiar with the negotiations.

It is the unclear from the draft policy if regulations surrounding kegs and hard alcohol would apply to third-party vendors.

Greek Life Party Reg Policy and Guidelines by Sean McMinn

After failing to compromise on a party-registration policy by Friday at 5 p.m., Cal Poly placed all greek chapters on social probation, which took effect immediately.

Among the provisions are rules that require fraternities and sororities to register their parties at least five days before they take place, providing information about the party’s theme, location and number of attendees. The policy allows parties only on Friday and Saturday, and all alcohol-related functions must end by midnight and be no longer than four hours.

Under the draft policy, no greek events with alcohol could be held during finals week or at a greek facility or satellite house during Week of Welcome. Parties with more than 200 people could not be held before the beginning of formal greek recruitment weeks.

Greek events serving alcohol would also have to be closed to the public, under the policy. Guest lists for parties would have to be submitted one day before the event, and a follow-up list would need to be submitted with the full names and birthdays of all attendees by Monday at noon.

The draft of the policy obtained by Mustang News was last edited Thursday and is subject to change as negotiations continue Monday. Administrators this past week declined to make the document public until they reached a compromise with greek leaders.

The need for a policy revision came as part of a compromise late last academic year that eliminated deferred recruitment for Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternities. The policy now under discussion would be a test run for what would eventually become a permanent party-registration plan, which will need to go into effect by April 6.

The original compromise called for an interim policy by the beginning of Winter Quarter 2014, but greeks and administrators failed to reach that deadline. After both the IFC and Panhellenic Council believed they were on social probation for letting the beginning of the quarter slip by, Cal Poly Dean of Students Jean DeCosta gave greek leaders a five-day “grace period,” which she said would provide enough time to hammer out a compromise.

After an all-day meeting Friday, Panhellenic President and business administration junior Danielle Durante said there were still “some concerns” with the draft policy, but declined to go into specifics. She said the problems had nothing to do with the rules involving kegs, drinking games or hard alcohol.

DeCosta, who said she was feeling ill early Friday evening, declined to confirm if the copy of the draft policy obtained by Mustang News was correct, but said — without looking at it — that it was “probably the right one.”

Greek leaders asked for too many clarifications to finish them all by the 5 p.m. deadline, DeCosta said after the all-day meeting Friday, which she said she spent part of the day in.

DeCosta added she looks forward to continuing discussions Monday.

“I hope it won’t be too long,” she said, “and I expect negotiations will continue until we come to an agreement.”

Until then, all greek chapters are on social probation, barring them from holding any social events. The university will lift those sanctions once an agreement is reached.

Brooke Sperbeck contributed to this article.

Correction: The original version of this story said that a follow-up guest list for every party would need to be submitted one day after the first guest list for each event. It has been corrected to say that the follow-up list needs to be submitted the following Monday by noon.

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