The staff of Downtown Brewing Co. would like to send a caveat to your aspiring journalist, Joe Sargent, who kindly used our venue as the location for his “research study.” Had Mr. Sargent delved into this research with the appropriate dose of fervor, he would have discovered that the proverbial “plastic cup” holds the exact amount of liquid as a pint glass. Furthermore, the plastic cup is utilized to provide the exact virtues that Mr. Sargent bemoaned a lack of – speed, efficiency and affordability. Our plastic cup, dear Joe, holds the exact volume of our pint glasses. We apologize for your unsuccessful migration to the promise land of the Brew, and ask you to make that pilgrimage once more.

In an attempt to recover your patronage, your name will be added to our VIP guest list for the rest of the month. This privilege allows you to promptly enter our establishment without having to wait in a long line nor pay a cover charge. The solution to your “pint night fiasco” awaits you at the Brew.

Downtown Brew staff

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