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Editor-in-Chief J.J. Jenkins: Atmosphere, Hoodie Allen make unconfirmed ASI spring confer list


Being part of the newspaper has its perks. Like finding out Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) is considering bringing one of several hip-hop acts to campus next quarter before nearly everyone else. After publishing the piece, it was fun to see the widespread student reaction as it quickly went viral on campus. Seeing Cal Poly students tweeting at their favorite artist and encouraging others to vote made our day in the newsroom; we were glad you enjoyed the information as much as we did. For the record, my vote is for Chance The Rapper because it will probably be the only time you see him in a small venue before he goes mainstream. Well that, and I’d like to interview him for a story.

Digital Managing Editor for News Sean McMinn: Along for the ride


It’s not everyday you get to sit in the front seat of a cop car cruising around campus, and it might be even rarer to ride along with an officer as genuine and earnest as Frank Herrera. Our reporter took what could have been an uneventful few hours — nothing more than telling a driver to turn on their headlights and a biker to fix their reflector — and used the opportunity to highlight someone on campus who deserves that recognition. As important as it is that we use our stature as the campus newspaper to call out wrongdoings and expose little-known truths, it’s always worth remembering there are some people at Cal Poly who want nothing more than to make this school a welcoming place for students. Frank Herrera is one of them.

Digital Managing Editor for Arts and Sports Carly Rickards: Post Poly: How a free piece of pizza led to $1.4 million

YouTube video

I had never heard of Grinds until this story was pitched, and now I want everyone to know about the product. The inventors and founders of the company, Matt Canepa and Pat Pezet, are Cal Poly alumni and former baseball players. Their story of finding free pizza to ending up on ABC’s Shark Tank to making more than a million dollars in sales is almost unbelievable, and best told by the guys themselves. And I’m definitely looking forward to pumpkin spice-flavored coffee pouches.

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