If you are here to get your MRS degree, do you actually go to your classes? You do? Well, are you that girl who dresses up like you are going downtown on a Saturday night for you 8 a.m. classes? Aren’t you uncomfortable walking around our vast, hilly campus all day?

We all know that Cal Poly has a highly competitive admission process. By being admitted, we all should know that we are extremely gifted and can accomplish what we put our minds to. For the 11th straight year, Cal Poly has experienced a record applicant pool. Two years ago you were one of those 27,000 high school seniors who applied and one of those 4,200 who were accepted. But it appears that you are a waste of a college education; one you stole from someone who would make something out of the education their parents are paying for. Don’t you have any motivation to succeed in the future? I’m not saying that being a stay-at-home mom is nothing to be proud of, but it doesn’t require a college education.

Just because there are women in the world that have an ambition to succeed in the career world, doesn’t mean at any point that their family life will suffer. All people including women have priorities. We learn them in college! Careers don’t equal failed marriages. Marriages fall apart for numerous reasons; one of them being women in college who look for a man only to establish her place in the society. Grow up!

Laura Fox

Earth science junior

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