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The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity National Board of Directors announced April 11 that Cal Poly’s Phi Sigma chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha will be placed under probationary suspension until at least April 29, 2019. Lambda Chi’s chapter officers have resigned from their positions and two other members resigned their membership, according to the Fraternity Board of Directors’s press release. This comes after an incident involving a Lambda Chi member donning blackface at the Lambda Chi fraternity house during a brotherhood event, which caused significant community backlash.

Furthermore, an Alumni Control Board will be established which will have the power to act on behalf of the chapter, conduct a membership review and potentially enforce further disciplinary action.

“After the membership review, any remaining members will be required to attend educational sessions regarding diversity and inclusion, bystander intervention, cross cultural training, and sign a behavior contract,” the press release said.

In addition to inclusion and diversity training and education, the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity National Board weighed the possibility of further disciplinary action in the event of additional behavioral breaches. Among the possible disciplinary measures referenced in the board’s press release was chapter closure for at least five years.

The full press release is viewable below:

Lambda Chi Alpha National Fraternity Board Press Release

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