The College of Liberal Arts hosts “The Last Lecture Series” tonight featuring two professor’s thoughts on their last lectures.

Professors were selected by the College of Liberal Arts Student Council to give a lecture to students about their disciplines and beyond.

The College of Liberal Arts will offer students lectures that represent not only the professor’s professional expertise, but also their life experiences.

“(It’s) more of life gleaned from the professional discipline,” said professor Mary LaPorte of her lecture. “It’s an opportunity to reveal the most important things in life.”

LaPorte has taught in the art and design department at Cal Poly for over 20 years. She has lectured before about her fine art work, but insists that this lecture will be a different experience.

“It is not standing up and showing artwork,” LaPorte said.

English professor Kevin Clark said, “It is an honor to be chosen for this.”

Clark said he wants students “thinking about art and poetry in a world that makes us numb.”

He said that the arts, including poetry, add to our lives when the world makes a need for other kinds of stimulants.

Clark called his lecture a “middle ground between poetry and lecture.”

Clark teaches creative writing and contemporary poetry at Cal Poly and has lectured at the university since 1988. He was honored with the Cal Poly distinguished teaching award in 2002.

The event also features an award ceremony for graduating students. Honored students will be recognized by the College of Liberal Arts.

The Last Lecture Series will take place tonight, April 19, from 7:30-8:30 p.m. in agricultural engineering building 08, Room 123.

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