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Cirque Éloize — Cirkopolis, is a smaller, traveling version of Cirque de Soleil. The acrobats will grace the Performing Arts Center stage on Feb. 5 and 6 at 7:30 p.m. Cal Poly Arts Director Steve Lerian described the show as a “visual sensory overload of stuff going on onstage, colors and amazing acrobatic acts.”

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From magically-appearing cars to upside-down chefs, romantic dinners in caves to worldly choirs or craft events, Cal Poly and the San Luis Obispo community will be offering a lot this winter quarter. Mark your calendars for these unusual events and activities.

Performing Arts Center (PAC) Events

“Here on the Central Coast, we’re kind of isolated from major cities and therefore isolated to a large degree from major theatrical viewing opportunities — national and international artists and touring shows and stuff,” Cal Poly Arts Director Steve Lerian said. “So that’s what Cal Poly Arts fills the gap of.”

Robert Irvine Live
Jan. 15, 7:30 p.m.

Robert Irvine, a chef who hosted the highly-popular show “Dinner: Impossible” on Food Network, will be stopping at the PAC. He’s “very physically imposing” and “looks like a body builder, almost,” Lerian said.

“He cooks on stage in the show, so we’ll have electric burners for him to cook things and do all kinds of interesting recipes and things,” Lerian said. “But he does cooking in extreme circumstances. For example, they’ll put shackles on him and hang him upside down over the stage and he’ll cook while he’s hanging upside down.”

Not only will it be entertaining, it will be instructive because he will be cooking a lot of good, quality food, according to Lerian.

Going to events such as these gives viewers a unique experience they may not get to have otherwise.

“Especially here on the Central Coast,” Lerian said. “So that’s something I would recommend people to go see.”

Jerry Seinfeld
Jan. 23, 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Jerry Seinfeld will be coming to the PAC this winter quarter. The PAC called him “America’s premier comedian” and says he will be “performing his signature stand-up routine.”

The PAC describes his routine and humor as relatable to all types of audiences, all ages and places in the country.

Seinfeld is currently focusing on performing nationally and internationally during 2014.

Cirque Éloize — Cirkopolis
Feb. 5-6, 2014, 7:30 p.m.

Cirque Éloize — Cirkopolis will be gracing the stage in the PAC this February. According to Lerian, Cirque du Soleil is partnered with Cirque Éloize.

Cirque Éloize — Cirkopolis is more of a traveling group than Cirque du Soleil, though a smaller-scale cirque show “with lots of crazy acrobats and people doing things with their bodies that one shouldn’t be able to do,” said Lerian.

Lerian describes it as “a visual sensory overload of stuff going on onstage, colors and amazing acrobatic acts.”

The show appeals to all ages and figures to draw many from the San Luis Obispo community.

“It’s one of those big family-oriented shows, that all ages will really like — if you like that spectacle kind of thing, it’ll be a lot of fun,” Lerian said.

Choirs’ Winter Concert: ‘Songs of Travel’
Feb. 22, 8 p.m.

Travel through the international vocal performance of the Cal Poly University Singers and PolyPhonics this February. Their winter recital titled ‘Songs of Travel’ will showcase music from around the world, including Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

Director of Choral Activities and Vocal Studies Tom Davies conducts the Cal Poly Choirs and coordinates a program for the voice students.

“The university singers will be doing music from various locations of the world,” Davies said. “It’s going to be kind of a world exploration of choral music. I expect that we’re going to do a Korean piece, we’ll do some pieces from South America (and) we’ll do some pieces maybe from Canada. There will be other languages as well as English folk song … the things not so much centered in the United States, obviously.”

Ken Habib, the Arab Music Ensemble conductor, will be joining colleague Davies and PolyPhonics for the show.

“I invited him to bring a group as well,” Davies said. “We have done … some programming together with the Cal Poly Choirs and the Arab Music Ensemble. With my kids singing in Arabic, and then with the Arab Music Ensemble, and doing some of what is called ‘musical suites.’”

Davies believes if students knew about these groups, they would enjoy going to the concerts.

“I think the thing that’s neat is just watching these students get up in this amazing concert hall we have over here, and sing to a nice full house,” Davies said. “And they are performing in a professional way and doing very good, difficult music. And I think most students would come, and if they have an ear and have an open mind, they would really enjoy hearing it, particularly these concerts because of the music from around the world kind of concept. I think it will be a great and very entertaining evening for the audience.”

Mike Super
March 21, 7 p.m.

Mike Super, an illusionist and magician, will be coming to the PAC this quarter. He will be exhibiting both large-scale illusions, close-up magic, and as Lerian said, “all sorts of stuff in between.”

“He’s also a very funny guy, so it’s also magic with a good sense of humor,” Lerian said. “What he’s going to do is make a car appear from nowhere on the stage.”

A raffle will take place at the end of the show for the audience.

“We don’t know what kind of car it is yet, we’re still working on that, but people will have a chance to win the car by just showing up,” Lerian said.

Outside Events

Black Tie Valentine’s Dinner in the Caves
Feb. 8, 6 p.m.

With 17,000 square feet of underground caves at Eberle Winery, Owner and Public Relations Director Marcy Eberle and her husband put on many events.

One of these events is the Black Tie Valentine’s Dinner, a way to dress up and celebrate with that special someone.

“What’s very special about our February dinner for Valentine’s Day, first of all it’s black tie,” Eberle said. “We only have two black tie dinners every year.”

Eberle calls on William Carter, who has been the Playboy Mansion chef for 28 years, once every two or three years to cook for this event, and she always looks forward to those occasions, Eberle said. He and his wife Katherine come and cook a themed five-course dinner.

“And if it’s good enough for Heff, it’s good enough for us,” Eberle said. “He comes in, and then he goes to the farmers market, and then goes to the local growers and makes everything by hand here in our kitchen here at Eberle.”

The dinner is $150 per person or $120 if you’re a cellar club member. There are currently discounts for military members and Eberle is considering giving students a discount as well.

Esprit du Vin
Jan. 18, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Eberle Winery is a part of a group called the Wineries of Highway 46 East. There are currently 13 wineries that are members.

“We’ve got a very budget-friendly event coming up, and it always sells out,” Eberle said.

The event will take place at Broken Earth Winery and is $20.00 a person and $35.00 per couple.

“This way you get all 13 wineries in one place for a good price and also there’s food available,” Eberle said. “And the food is complimentary.”

Wine Enthusiasts Magazine named Paso Robles the number one wine region in the country, so Paso Robles is “very hot right now,” according to Eberle.

“Esprit du Vin, I think, would be really cool for the younger generation to kind of figure out what Paso is all about when it comes to wine,” Eberle said.

ASI Events

Missi Bullock, the program coordinator for Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), has 17 events planned for the winter quarter.

The Coffee House Series
Jan. 15 and 29, and Feb. 19, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

“We’re doing something new for music this quarter,” Bullock said.

Three Wednesday afternoons during the quarter, starting on Jan. 15, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., there will be an acoustic artist near Starbucks in the University Union (UU). Bullock said it would be “kind of a coffee house series.”

Movie Series
Jan. 15 and 22, 8 p.m.

The Chumash Auditorium will be turned into a theater for a movie series. “The Butler” will be shown on Jan. 15 and “Gravity” will be on Jan. 22.

“Chumash, it’s a really great movie venue,” Bullock said. “Giant screen and we always do free popcorn and candy. So that will be fun.”

Craft Center Activities

Knit Knack
Jan. 30, 12 p.m.-2 p.m.

At Knit Knack, students have the opportunity to learn how to knit.

“They get to take home whatever they create,” Bullock said. “We’re still kind of in the process of developing exactly what, but I’m guessing a scarf or a hat or either one.”

Valentine’s Day Candle Making
Feb. 12, 12 p.m.

This candle-making event for Valentine’s Day will be a perfect opportunity to create a crafty gift for Valentine’s Day.

“So you can make a candle for whoever — yourself or a loved one of some sort,” said Bullock.

Casino Night
Feb. 1, 9 p.m. – 12 a.m.

ASI is putting on a Casino Night in the Rec Center’s Multi-Activity Center (MAC).

Bullock said the event will feature roulette, blackjack and craps.

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