Kyle McCarty/Mustang News

A mountain lion was reported to be near Herdsman Hall on Saturday morning. Herdsman Hall is part of the Beef Unit.

“This is mountain lion country, however the animals rarely attack humans unprovoked,” university spokesperson Matt Lazier said. “People should exercise caution walking, biking or jogging throughout campus.”

Mountain lions are reported relatively often at Cal Poly. For example, last year a mountain lion was reported near Poly Canyon Road.

Students received text and email alerts around 10:30 a.m. According to the email, “The Mountain Lion disappeared in the area possibly south of Herdsman Hall per witnesses. Officers have checked the area thoroughly but were unable to locate the mountain lion. Fish & Wildlife have been notified.”

University Police Department (UPD) posted a safety advisory on its website, advising students to “learn more about mountain lion behavior in order to avoid encounters.”

For more information on mountain lions, UPD directed students to the California wildlife website.

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