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One elite Cal Poly group is welcoming more than 20 new members.

 “We’re claiming this year is the year of the Poly Reps because we have over 20 new members coming in,” business senior and Poly Rep Ben Dunbar said.

Poly Reps is a group of 33 Cal Poly students who give tours and serve as campus ambassadors. They are welcoming 21 new reps into the program this week.

“I’m really excited to be a part of the team,” industrial engineering junior and new Poly Rep Alex Meyer said. “I can’t wait to start training and meet everyone.”

Meyer made it through the unique interview process and found out Monday night that he is one of the newest Poly Reps.

He said he remembers the tour he went on as a prospective student.

“As soon as I came to the campus, I took a tour and I really just fell in love with the school then and there,” Meyer said. “So I want to give that to someone else.”

New reps will begin training immediately, as they gear up to give tours to more than 1000 visitors per week in March.

“We need the new Poly Reps to give tours,” Dunbar said. “We don’t have enough Poly Reps at this moment to be able to house all the tours we’re going to have in a few weeks.”

Dunbar said training such a big group of new reps will be different than in past years.

“We still have ten experienced reps that are continuing on and it’s going to be up to them to lead the new reps coming in,” Dunbar said.

For Dunbar, his two-year career as a Poly Rep will end in the spring when he graduates.

“I can’t even put it in words, I just love giving tours to people,” Dunbar said. “When people come up to you and say ‘Hey, I came to Cal Poly because you gave me my tour,’ there’s nothing really better than that.”

Meanwhile, Meyer looks forward to joining the team for his last year at Poly.

“I’m so excited for my senior year and to be a part of that group, and for everything that comes with it,” Meyer said.

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