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Cal Poly campus dining facility 19 Metro Station is taking a bite out of the competition and serving shark.

“We’re trying to bring awareness to a sustainably harvested fish variety, this week were selling California thresher shark,” said Yukie Murphy-Nishinaga, the Cal Poly Corporation marketing and public relations manager.

Whether you like shark in pasta, stir-fry, in soup or grilled, 19 Metro has it for you.

Thirteen hundred pounds of shark have been served already, and there are still two days left of “shark week.”

“The shark has been surprisingly good, its the first time I’ve ever had shark too and I really liked it,” Cal Poly student and 19 Metro Station employee Andrew Lee.

Students can participate in a guessing game by estimating how many shark gummy candies are in the jar. The prize is a shark shirt and a gift card. The winner will be announced this Monday.

“Our team at 19 Metro decided to pick shark this time, but it may be different for the next one,” Murphy-Nishinaga said.

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