An attempted sexual assault was reported at a March 5 Delta Chi party at this location. The reported assault on March 31, which led Cal Poly to suspend the fraternity, took place at a house where three out of the seven residents are Delta Chi members. | File photo
Delta Sigma Phi is currently the only fraternity under investigation. -Maggie Kaiserman/Mustang Daily

The Cal Poly Office of Student Life and Leadership (SLL) dropped the investigation into the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity Tuesday, SLL director Stephan Lamb said.

After meeting with Phi Sigma Kappa President Tyler Edwards, Lamb decided to remove the cease and desist order he issued last Friday. Greek life director Diego Silva said Edwards was “able to explain that they had nothing to do with the party next door to them.”

The office will, however, continue looking into the conduct of Delta Sigma Phi after a Playboy-themed party in Monte Vista Place last Thursday allegedly drew hundreds of guests and led to four citations and two arrests.

Lamb’s office is still investigating the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity and has met with both the executive board and the residents at Monte Vista Place where the party occurred to determine who is responsible for what happened last week, Silva said.

Silva and Lamb hope to conclude the investigation by Friday, in time for Cal Poly’s Open House.

University police initially notified Lamb of the party last Friday after a joint team of university and San Luis Obispo police shut down the event at Monte Vista Place. A police report stated there were minors drinking at the event and that city police was “very concerned for the safety of the students as the facilities were not capable of handling such a large crowd.”

The report initially singled out Phi Sigma Kappa, but Silva said based on his experience, it was more likely that Delta Sigma Phi was connected to the party.

“The Phi Sig house is not big enough (to hold that kind of party),” Silva said Monday.

If Delta Sigma Phi is found in violation of SLL policy, the fraternity could face punishment up to and including disaffiliation from the university.

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  1. I would like to point out as a bipartisan community member that police reports are simply the police’s side of the story, not necessarily fact. In our society, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. McMinn, although you have not specifically made a claim that Delta Sigma Phi is guilty, you are undoubtedly presenting a one sided argument. I am not here to ridicule you like the other comments. I just know that this organization probably does more than just what is portrayed of them here. I think I speak for the community when I say that we want to hear about both sides of this accused fraternity and formulate our own opinions of them. I do not affiliate with the police, SL&L, the Mustang Daily, or Delta Sigma Phi, I just believe in due process and not judging a book by its cover.

  2. people under 21 drinking? in a college town? whaa?? we should definitely arrest everyone and ban all fraternities

  3. The article says: “Sean McMinn is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily staff writer”.

    It should read: “Sean is a GDI and a poor journalist. He is unable to portray both sides of the story evenly and is contributing to distress and anger within the student body”

  4. Every Greek affiliated article on this page has hugely negative connotations. The greek community is more than drinking parties and hazing. But the articles and incidents from 2011 are still on the forefront. The Greek Life tag should include positive features too. Like how many students find their campus involvement in Fraternities and Sororities at Cal Poly. Give us some freedom and see how we respect our school community and eachother.

  5. Agreed! The positives of Greek Life are so rarely discussed and it would be really awesome to see an article showing how often fraternities and sororities hold events or donate their time to give back to the San Luis Obispo community!

  6. A scandalous story brings more attention than a happy one. That is a basic fact…It’s also a fact that Sean McMinn cannot find any other topic to scandalize than Greek Life, and therefore is a mediocre writer.

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