This week saw a record number of University Housing residents enter quarantine in one day.  Twenty eight new students were quarantined on Oct. 28, the highest single-day increase, resulting in 31 total students quarantined.

Seven on-campus and 24 off-campus students tested positive for COVID-19 this week, after only six on-campus and 22 off-campus tested positive last week, according to the university’s coronavirus dashboard.

Ten University Housing residents are in isolation, down six from last week.  A total of 95 on-campus residents are currently quarantined-in-place, five beginning the process in the last 24 hours.  This time last week, 127 students were quarantined-in-place.  The highest number of quarantine-in-place students at one time was 320 students on Oct. 16. 

Cal Poly Daily Positive COVID-19 Cases

San Luis Obispo County had 4,265 total confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Thursday, Oct. 29 — up 25 cases from the previous day.

Of the total cases, 4,044 people have recovered.  There are 186 active cases, and 180 people are recovering at home, three are hospitalized and three are in intensive care. 

One week ago, there were 214 active cases, which has decreased unsteadily down to 186. 

Thirty-two people in San Luis Obispo county have died due to COVID-19, with the last death occurring on Oct. 13. 

San Luis Obispo County approached the orange, moderate tier of California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy this week, according to County Public Health Officer Penny Borenstein.

The county’s adjusted case count was 4.0 cases per 100,000 people this week. The maximum adjusted cases count reached this month was 6.1 per 100,000 on Oct. 13. 

The county’s case rate per 100,000 people must be under four for two weeks to advance to the orange, moderate tier. San Luis Obispo County already meets the orange tier’s test positivity and health equity metrics. 

Borenstein said the county must keep the number of active and new COVID-19 cases down, while performing a high volume of testing. 

“I’ve been saying all along that we can find a way to coexist with this virus,” Boreinstein said in a press briefing on Wednesday, Oct. 28. Borenstein added that San Luis Obispo County has “been staying at least steady making some progress, and so kudos to everyone for doing this.” 

People must wear face coverings, maintain physical distance from others, stay home when they are sick and stay within their social bubbles, according to Borenstein.

“I don’t want people to think this pandemic is over,” Borenstein said. 

While regulations related to the pandemic have impacted San Luis Obispo County since March, the county must continue practicing precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

“I know very well that people are absolutely tired of this pandemic,” Borenstein said. “We’re tired of wearing face masks, we’re tired of not hugging our loved ones, we’re tired of worrying about what comes next.”

Total Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in SLO County

The percent of tests that are positive, or testing positivity rate, has also stayed relatively consistent since late September at roughly 2%. Cal Poly’s ongoing testing program has conducted 8,670 tests since October 3rd.  A total of 1,053 tests were conducted for university employees.

Total COVID-19 Case Breakdown

Paso Robles remains the city with the highest number of total cases (1089), with San Luis Obispo not far behind (818). Atascadero (406) and Nipomo (365) have the third most and fourth most total cases, respectively.

San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles continue to lead in new cases, with the rest of the county plateauing in mid-August. 

COVID-19 Cases by City

The majority of COVID-19 cases are in the 18 to 29-years-old age group and the 30 to 49-years-old age group, recording 1,447 and 1,322 cases respectively.

Almost half (43 percent) of the cases can be attributed to person-to-person contact or in-person spread.

The county reported that 1,842 people contracted the virus from person-to-person contact, 974 people contracted the virus from community spread, 222 people contracted the virus through travel and 1,227 cases are under investigation.

For more detailed statistics, see the county’s detailed statistics webpage.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the number of cases who have recovered, who are actively sick and who are hospitalized. It has been updated to reflect the correct number of cases.

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