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A Numbers Game: What Statistics Can Say About Cal Poly Baseball

After the popularity of the book-turned-film “Moneyball,” the term “sabermetrics” became a household name for anyone involved with baseball. Fans, journalists and people who work in athletics have turned to the world of statistics for interesting and meaningful insights into the sports they love so much. Advanced metrics aren’t just for baseball clubs anymore. From […]

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Cal Poly student GPA jumped 7.8% during a virtual year

Being a college student the past year has never been so different, or some may say so easy. While some students have found the turn to virtual classes to be a blessing in disguise, given easy access to the internet and changed grading policies, others have struggled adjusting to the online format. 

Data collected by Academic Affairs at Cal Poly showed a 7.8% increase in the average student GPA from fall quarter 2019 to winter quarter 2021. The data was based on the 21,812 undergraduate and graduate students attending Cal Poly.

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About 25% of San Luis Obispo County has received first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Despite increases in vaccine distribution, COVID-19 cases for the county continue to remain level at about 34 new cases per day. County Public Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein said cases may not be decreasing because of St. Patrick’s Day gatherings. Spikes usually occur weeks after holiday gatherings, so the St. Patrick’s Day transmission timeline is […]

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Major COVID-19 spikes occurred after Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Now students are concerned about cases after St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

Through the duration of the pandemic, major spikes in cases at Cal Poly occurred after two major holidays: Halloween and New Year’s Eve, according to statistics from Cal Poly’s COVID-19 dashboard. Now after dozens of Cal Poly students were seen gathering at St. Patrick’s day parties, students are wondering if another spike is in the […]

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“Nothing but good news for a change”: San Luis Obispo County sees more vaccinations, fewer cases

Two weeks ago San Luis Obispo County moved into the red tier for the first time since November, and the numbers indicate more progress. The county remains in phase 1B of vaccine distribution (65+ residents), however K-12 teachers and childcare workers may also be eligible in six to eight weeks via a lottery registration. So far, […]

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SLO County sees more COVID-19 vaccines and a lower COVID-19 case rate

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, the county distributed 2,500 COVID-19 vaccines — a “record number” according to County Public Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein. San Luis Obispo County continues in vaccine phase 1B, with residents 65-years-old and older eligible for the vaccine. After this week’s vaccinations, approximately one in five residents of San Luis Obispo County […]

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Local vaccine rollout continues, COVID-19 cases decrease

With the recent $11 million stimulus check to fight COVID-19, San Luis Obispo County plans to implement more vaccinations and move toward  phase 1B, where residents 65-years-old and older and critical infrastructure workers may receive the vaccine.  So far there have been 25,576 first dose vaccines distributed to San Luis Obispo County with 15,511 being […]

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San Luis Obispo COVID-19 cases increase, 75-year-old residents can get vaccine

San Luis Obispo’s COVID-19 case count has increased alongside national cases.  San Luis Obispo has had 14,778 total COVID-19 cases, with 2,708 residents currently sick — indicating that 1% of all county residents have COVID-19, County Public Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein said in her press briefing on Jan. 13. Borenstein said this recent surge […]