Much discussion seems to be occurring around campus concerning the censorship of the Salsa ads. Much of it seems to be focused on whether or not this censorship would be limiting the Salsa club’s right to free speech. In my opinion however, leaving it there is not addressing the issue at hand.

It may seem hard to believe in this day and age, but there are some of us who value chastity until marriage. We believe that to lower sex to the status of a cheap thrill, or a tool to sell something (if it be a car or a club) is to take something very precious and wonderful, and experience it in a way that is neither precious nor wonderful, except perhaps in a very shallow way. This is what I believe and I do not expect the majority of college students to agree with me. I only hope that they would think about us before posting sexually explicit material where one will see it everywhere they look.

It can be challenging to live up to these ideals here in America, but it can be done. Yes, I don’t watch TV (I decided long ago it wasn’t worth wading through all the inappropriate movies or shows for the few good ones) and yes, I would consider moving to another college if such ads (or other borderline pornographic pictures) were more commonplace here.

I for one greatly appreciate CP Salsa for being willing to censor its posters so the contents would be acceptable to everyone, and doing their part to make this campus a place where everyone can mingle comfortably.

Matthew Gilbert

Forestry sophomore

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