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San Luis Obispo County has 473 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Wednesday, June 24 — up 20 cases from yesterday, according to County Public Health.

This is the third time in the past week where more than 20 new cases were confirmed.

Of the total cases, 109 patients are at home recovering in isolation and 354 patients have recovered. Nine patients are currently hospitalized, two of which are in intensive care.

There has been one death related to coronavirus in the county.

Total Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in SLO County

There are 51 cases of coronavirus in those zero to 17-years-old, 242 in ages 18 to 49-years-old, 104 in 50 to 64-years-old, 65 in those 65 to 84-years-old and 11 in those 85-years-old and over.

There are 250 cases in North County, 127 in South County, 71 in Central County and 25 on the coast.

Case Count by City

Most of the cases can be attributed to person-to-person contact or community spread.

The county has determined that 228 cases contracted the virus through person-to-person contact, 153 cases were acquired through community spread and 60 cases were contracted through travel. The county is still investigating the mode of virus transmission for 32 cases.

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