BLOG: Student lawsuit against CSU

Requiring the CSU to reverse the fee increase would cause Cal Poly to reduce its operating budget by $18 million instead of $10 million.

BLOG: Swine flu. Are we justified in our fear or overreacting?

We’ve reported on how the Cal Poly health center is preparing for the swine flu and coverage about it has been dominating the news. What I really want to know is: Are you freaking out?

BLOG: Study links heavy consumption of beer and spirits with cancer

Researchers found statistically significant relationships between heavy consumption of beer and spirits and six different cancers.

BLOG: Spare your piggy bank, save money in SLO

Cal Poly estimated that for the 2009/2010 school year an undergraduates living on or off campus would spend $21,249. Here are some tips on how you can save money.

BLOG: Americans have flawed perception of health

Many Americans have an inaccurate perception of their health, considering themselves to be at a healthy weight when they’re not and denying that being obese or overweight is a health problem.

BLOG: Business and economic students limited to one concentration

Business and economics students will no longer be able to declare more than one concentration due to budget cuts.

BLOG: Why textbooks prevail over a Kindle

The invention of Amazon’s Kindle DX is now in the market to replace paper books, I personally would never replace my heaps of textbooks for one.

BLOG: Swine flu vaccine produces no harmful side effects

Human testing of the swine flu vaccine has shown that there are no dangerous side effects, health officials announced yesterday.

BLOG: Web site lets users TellMrObama what they think

A new Web site called is about to flood the president’s email inbox, letting him know what people think about current issues in America.

BLOG: Health awareness via text messages

The Peace Corps sends health related text messages throughout Namibia. Would you be interested in receiving text messages about health or safety topics in San Luis Obispo County?

BLOG: Magazine evaluates Cal Poly’s diversity

“Diverse Issues in Higher Education” analyzed data from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics to rank universities according to on-campus diversity in June 2009.