BLOG: Swine flu vaccine produces no harmful side effects

Human testing of the swine flu vaccine has shown that there are no dangerous side effects, health officials announced yesterday.

BLOG: Web site lets users TellMrObama what they think

A new Web site called is about to flood the president’s email inbox, letting him know what people think about current issues in America.

BLOG: Health awareness via text messages

The Peace Corps sends health related text messages throughout Namibia. Would you be interested in receiving text messages about health or safety topics in San Luis Obispo County?

BLOG: Magazine evaluates Cal Poly’s diversity

“Diverse Issues in Higher Education” analyzed data from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics to rank universities according to on-campus diversity in June 2009.

BLOG: New news site launches in SLO

San Luis Obispo Newspaper is an online-only, blog-style site that boasts its greenness and dedication to county news. The name they chose leaves much to be desired, but they are doing some things right.

BLOG: Social Security numbers not so secure

Your Social Security number is your personal code contained in many important documents: medical records, insurance files, job applications, banking accounts and college applications, to name a few. This nine-digit number, however, might not be as personal as some people…

BLOG: Polaroid isn’t a thing of the past

The Polaroid Camera was one of the most innovative inventions of the 20th century. In 2008 Polaroid’s announcement that it was abandoning film came as a major shock to many. Some devotees can even remember exactly where they were when they heard the news, as if it were a major historical moment.

BLOG: Coca-Cola products come to Poly

After a long-term contract with Pepsi-Cola, Cal Poly announced in a press release that it would make the transition to a 10-year deal with Coca-Cola products come fall quarter.

BLOG: Why “boomerang kids” move home

“Boomerang kids.” It’s a new term created to describe a student who leaves home to go off to college, receives a degree and then comes a knockin’ on their parents’ door.

BLOG: Cal State Fullerton, UCM pave social media path

Only one campus from the UC and one from the CSU has social media links to their Facebook and Twitter pages directly on the homepage.

BLOG: Money back guarantee for jobless grads?

Should college graduates get their money back if they don’t secure employment after graduation? One New York City woman thinks so.