Men’s basketball looks to future after intrasquad game

“I was very pleased with the intrasquad game,” head coach Joe Callero said. “The No. 1 thing in sports is competitiveness, and we want to be a highly competitive team.”

Beyond deferred rush: Universities take different routes for greek life risk management

Some proponents of deferred rush argue that alcohol problems are less likely to occur if rush is pushed back for freshmen.

Minimum wage boost could mean reduced staff, possible price hikes

Four hundred of ASI’s student employees — far more than half — now make minimum wage. Since the average workweek is 10 to 12 hours, the wage increase will likely cost ASI around $270,000.

Health center aims for flexibility with extended hours

As seasons change and the weather gets cooler, midterms approach and sniffles can be heard throughout campus. With the large number or students at Cal Poly, the Health Center is trying to respond to the growing student population by extending their hours Mondays and Wednesdays.