Steynberg Gallery added beer, wine and a largely-vegetarian food selection to their menu about four months ago. Photo by Anieca Ayler.

Art enthusiasts can be assured that if, while they browse through Steynberg Gallery’s several walls of fine art, their stomachs start growling and grumbling, they need look no farther than the tea and coffee shop.

About four months ago, the cultural gallery that hosts not only art showings, but live music, poetry readings and lectures, added a modest selection of breakfast and lunch options to the preexisting menu of tea, coffee and pastries, said Caroline Ginsberg, a Steynberg employee.

Jocylin Egan, another employee, said that previously, the dining portion of the gallery was strictly a coffee shop with pastries.

The change came along with the owner’s decision in fall to serve wine and beer for late-night events at the gallery. According to state law, businesses that serve alcoholic beverages must also serve food. Since many art galleries serve wine at night showings, the original intent was to follow that tradition.

“But then (serving food) became very exciting,” Egan said.

The wholesome menu includes mainly vegetarian and vegan choices: breakfast burritos, bagels, paninis and a few desserts.

Scrawled in chalk next to the list of desserts, the menu states explicitly, “Whenever possible, we purchase local and organic ingredients.” Most of these are purchased from San Luis Obispo’s Farmer’s Market, so menu options change according to what is in season.

Coffee, espresso, over 30 kinds of Swan Sisters tea and a few baked goods fill the other half of the menu.

“It’s nice to have more options,” Ginsberg said.

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