Your home, pets and other precious mementos become lost forever when a wall of water crashes into the street where you live. The lucky ones survive the storm and are evacuated, but left with nothing from their former lives.

Hurricane Katrina has been called the largest single migration in United States. Over a million people evacuated the New Orleans region in just two weeks, according to a Sept. 12, 2005 article from the Christian Science Monitor.

Cal Poly Club 34 also known as Coalition, decided to make a difference for the hurricane survivors while promoting their own creative spirit and hosting a design competition.

T-shirts to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims were sold yesterday and will be on sale Tuesday and June 6, 2006 in front of the Robert E. Kennedy. Proceeds from the sale will be sent to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Cal Poly Club 34 held a contest to pick the T-shirts design. Of the fifteen total entries in the competition, two were selected for T-shirt designs.

Shirts feature a design with the words “The Big Easy” across the front and are available in male and female versions.

“Hurricane Katrina was one of the more well-known things we could have done,” said Jason Martinez, an art and design junior and Club 34 member.

This is the first of several philanthropy projects planned by the club and an Associated Students Inc. affiliated project.

“In the future we want to do something bigger,” said club president Alex Slarve. “We want to make the department more noticeable.” The department currently has about 200 students.

The project also provides art and design students with an opportunity to host competitions which are less common at public universities.

Five additional projects are in the works for the next year. Other possible projects include another T-shirt sale and a student art show. Club 34 has 13 members committed to working on other projects.

The sale takes place at Kennedy Library from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday and t-shirts cost $15.

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