Alyson Smith | New Subway sign posted in Poly Canyon Village.

A second Subway location on the Cal Poly campus is set to open in Poly Canyon Village (PCV) with a soft open scheduled for Jan. 24. 

The PCV Subway does not yet have set hours of operation, but will likely be open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the soft open, according to university spokesperson Aaron Lambert.

The initial soft open is intended to control customer volumes and ensure efficient service. The same approach was successfully implemented when Scout Coffee opened its on-campus location in November.

Campus Dining said they hope to eventually expand the soft open hours to 24-7.

The new Subway will fill the space in Buena Vista (building 171-B) that Jamba Juice vacated in 2020 before moving to the Vista Grande dining complex.

The Subway located between Kennedy Library and Dexter Lawn will also remain open.

The PCV Subway will be larger than the Dexter location. It will have two building stations to expedite service. Indoor seating will also be available and will follow the same COVID-19 protocols as other on-campus dining facilities, with face coverings required indoors unless actively eating.

Campus Dining made the decision to add a second on-campus Subway location after considering Subway’s available resources, selection, value and business model ​​— namely whether its business model is strong enough to survive slow customer traffic during summer and other school holidays.

They also considered the success of the Subway located near Dexter, which is one of Cal Poly’s best performing dining venues, according to Lambert.

Campus Dining saw opening a Subway in the available PCV space as “a good opportunity to bring more options to that neighborhood,” Lambert said.

Students, however, seem to be largely unaware of the upcoming opening.

“I didn’t even know it was opening — I thought it used to be a Subway and was closed,” first year nutrition student Darlene Campillo said. “I think it’s better for the people who live [in PCV] though. It’s more convenient.”

Some students are frustrated by the repetitive nature of the new campus dining options.

“Realistically, it’s like, really, another Subway?” electrical engineering freshman George Castillo said.

Students with dietary restrictions have expressed similar frustrations, as well as a desire for Campus Dining to create more diverse on-campus dining options.

“I’m vegan, so I can’t really get anything from Subway,” general engineering freshman Jake Caldona said. “They should put something else there. A nice little salad place for me — something vegan-friendly.” 

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