Cal Poly unit cap agreement reached

All the majors Cal Poly requested to go over 180 units were approved.

Grad school could be for you

Elyse Lopez Every student will face a time in their college career when they must decide if a bachelor’s degree is enough to propel them to where they want to be in life. Taking advantage of Career Fairs and…

Poly’s Tissue Engineering Lab — nothing to sneeze at

There is a research lab at Cal Poly in the biomedical engineering department that’s growing tissue — and it’s not for your nose.

Graduate students prepare for stem cell research at Cal Poly

Master’s students are working on preliminary stem cell research as part of a new program at Cal Poly.

Steffi Wong isn’t afraid of challenges

Biomedical engineering senior Steffi Wong has an independent spirit, a high GPA and is nationally ranked on the Cal Poly woman’s tennis team.