Cramped dorms show need for more housing

While living on-campus is an expected part of the transition into college life, a record number of first-year applicants might leave some on-campus freshmen with more roommates than expected. The last two years brought the largest pool of first-year applicants…

Fighting the infamous Freshman 15

You’ve heard rumors about the Freshman 15: the dreaded extra baggage that people claim will magically gather around your waistline during freshman year of college. For the first time in their lives, most college students are faced with new responsibilities…

'But I wanna go home!': Tips for freshmen to avoid homesickness

Five ways for new students to make freshman year the best year of their lives.

School’s out: Freshman reflects on first year of college

Mainly I have learned that the “freshman experience” does not come down to how hard I partied or how many girls I hooked up with, but rather, how much time I spent with people who truly supported me.

Curfew to curb after-dark activities for minors

The San Luis Obispo will review the possibility of a new ordinance that would establish a 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. cerfew for minors.