Time With Eric: ASI 2015 presidential candidates

Host Eric Djance sits down with the two ASI presidential candidates.

ASI elections are a time to reflect on the direction Cal Poly is headed

I am happy to be politically neutral today — a first, I think, since I began writing my columns. But, as they say, there’s a first time for everything. I began thinking about who I will choose to vote for next week in the ASI Presidential campaign by asking myself similar questions as I do during national presidential campaigns.

Cal Poly students back from Copenhagen now making impact locally

Eight Cal Poly students and alumni who attended the UN Global Climate Summit in Copenhagen were discouraged by the lack of political involvement, so they decided to implement change on a smaller scale.

ASI president minimum GPA requirement turned into law

A university bylaw, concerning the minimum GPA requirement for ASI presidents, passed Wednesday, in preparation for the coming ASI presidential elections.