Fresh and tasty dishes served at Real Food Collaborative’s Green Chef Competition

Real Food Collaborative held its annual Green Chef competition on April 26, using sustainable, local and organic produce.

Cal Poly’s fitness phenomenon

We should strive to dismantle the fat and skinny dichotomy; doing so is the best way to remedy our narrow perception of the “normal” college student.

Your guide to Campus Dining

Find out the highest and lowest calorie foods Campus Dining has to offer.

All you can eat: Food intolerances and campus dining

Food intolerances and allergies are not rare at Cal Poly. In fact, they are so common that the university has hired Megan Coats, a registered dietitian, to educate campus dining staff about the difference between allergies and intolerances, and how to help a student find the right food to eat.

The baker, the ‘momma,’ the worker: Cal Poly Sage restaurant supervisor Karen May dies of heart attack

“She did something beautiful. She took a group of kids here that, out there, wouldn’t make sense together.”

Real Food Cooperative: From ‘crazy idea’ to campus business

Their dream is to have a 100-percent student-run business that sells local, organic, sustainable food. But to make that dream come true, the six cofounders of Real Food Cooperative have to work against the clock with a modest number of volunteers and pay for equipment and ingredients out of their own pocket—approximately $8,000 so far.

Letter to the Editor: Cal Poly Corporation responds to Campus Dining complaints

“A lot of what we do is built upon student feedback.”

Letter to the editor: Regarding Cal Poly’s on-campus dining

Our freshman meal plan is the bruise on the otherwise delicious apple that is Cal Poly.

Cal Poly transitions to cashless culture

From 2008 to 2013, cash payments in Campus Dining facilities fell by 12 percent.

Campus Dining hacks: Your 5-step guide

Have you gotten into a boring food routine on campus? Kristine is here to save the day with these hacks.

Today's Top 5: From nutrition calculator to extra club funding

Olivia Doty [follow id = “CPMustangNews”] Here’s a daily dose of news around campus. 1. Campus dining launches nutrition calculator   Last week, campus dining released a new app, a “nutrition calculator”, that can possibly help students pay attention to…