Maximize your meal plan

Transitioning to college is difficult, but using Cal Poly’s offered meal plans makes living away from home easier. Not having to cook every meal allows students to focus on balancing their time studying, working and hanging out with friends. But what happens when, halfway through the quarter, you run out of Plu$ Dollars? And how do you make sure you have a varied, nutritious diet every week of the year?

Lightning strike brings down Cal Poly network

UPDATE 1:10 p.m.: Cal Poly Information Technology Services restored the university network system at approximately 11:45 a.m. Thursday, according to university officials. This allowed students, professors and administrators access to their My Cal Poly Portal, as well as their Cal…

Students to ‘eat fresh’

Subway, the international sandwich chain, is coming to Cal Poly’s campus this September after nearly a year of waiting for the restaurant famous for five dollar foot longs. Subway will be replacing the closed campus dining facilities The Park and…

Unpacking the pounds: the freshman 15 demystified

While the Freshman 15 is a myth, adjusting to a new lifestyle can effect the health of first-time college students.

The Avenue evacuated due to fire

Cal Poly employees evacuated The Avenue and 19 Metro Station campus restaurants, as well as the Pre-Rec center Tuesday afternoon due to a small fire at the Chick-fil-A unit in The Avenue. No injuries were reported from the fire, but…

What's cookin' in campus dining

Campus Dining has introduced some major changes this quarter by extending hours for various venues, as well as additional food choices and new meal plan programs. These changes were implemented to increase the variety of options around campus and respond…

Defining your relationship with the food you eat

The much-anticipated week has finally arrived — the first week back to classes. I can tell you what is already going through most people’s heads. Wowies: “That was the most amazing week ever! School is so awesome!” Wow Leaders: “I’m…

Fine (campus) dining: Amid dining adaptations, students continue to question campus food practices

Campus Dining adopted a new nutrition label program to offer nutritional information in 19Metro Station, and hopes to implement the program in all Campus Dining venues. This is in addition to other efforts Campus Dining is making to offer quality food to students.

Chips and chicken and fries, oh my! Without nutritional information students favor unhealthy food choices on-campus

When walking through The Avenue, or any Cal Poly restaurant , students are faced with one simple question: what to eat? With the options of Chick-fil-A sandwiches, salads, burritos and many other options, it is a tough choice to make.

What is the Cal Poly Corporation?

The Cal Poly Corporation (CPC), which has been a part of the Cal Poly community since the 1940s, is the business body behind the recognizable El Corral Bookstore and Campus Dining, but many students do not understand exactly what it is.

Slo Sushi Girl hopes to join Campus Dining

Picturing themselves in a storefront in The Avenue tucked between Slyders and Chick-fil-A, owners of Slo Sushi Girl, Nicole Samroung and Scott Cursey, have big plans in mind for their budding sushi company. Now, with new ideas sprouting about developing…