Lost Plu$ Dollars leave some WOW leaders confused

Many Week of Welcome (WOW) leaders have voiced their anger about Plu$ Dollars earned during WOW inexplicably vanishing from their Polycards on Sept. 20, and many can’t explain why or how this happened.

Hungry? Grab your Poly Card

Cal Poly freshmen that live in on-campus residence halls are mandated to purchase a dining plan but many may not realize exactly what is included. There are three different meal plans to choose from that combine meal credits and plus dollars, so students can use their meal plan to buy almost any food available on campus.

Green spot: Cal Poly doesn’t offer much in the realm of ‘real’ food

At Cal Poly our food comes from all over the planet. As an agricultural school, one would expect we could sustain our own food consumption.

On-campus dining does its best to not waste food

Cal Poly dining facilities tries to reduce the amount of food disposed of daily by anticipating business flow, reusing what can be served the next day, and donating to local food banks.

Campus Dining spices up menu

Campus Dining has unveiled several new products and services on the Cal Poly campus this quarter.

Corporation opening its books is good news

As it stands, few things on campus are price comparable with off-campus, let alone competitive. And is it any surprise when you think about the services?