A chicken pesto calzone, sold at Ciao!, weighs in at 870 calories, equal to 1.5 McDonald's Big Mac. | Celina Oseguera/Mustang News

Celina Oseguera

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For those on mobile, you can find a rundown of the highest and lowest calorie foods on campus at the bottom of this post.


For those on mobile, here is the rundown of the highest and lowest calorie foods on campus:


  • Highest: Chicken pesto calzone at 870 calories, equal to 1.5 Big Macs.
  • Lowest: Tuscan pizza at 300 calories.

Sandwich Factory

  • Highest: PBHB (peanut butter, banana and honey) on white bread at 655, equal to 1.25 Big Macs.
  • Lowest: Pesto hummus on white bread at 250 calories.

The Avenue

City Deli

  • Highest: Classic Italian sandwich at 830 calories, equal to 1.5 Big Macs.
  • Lowest: Chicken cranberry salad sandwich at 600 calories.


  • Highest: Beef everything nachos at 780 calories, equal to 1.5 Big Macs.
  • Lowest: Chicken soft taco at 170 calories.

VG Cafe

Sandwich Shop

  • Highest: Chipotle beef sandwich at 956 calories, equal to 1.75 Big Macs.
  • Lowest: Toasted Italian sandwich on wheat roll at 637 calories.


  • Highest:Chicken quesadilla at 815 calories, equal to 1.5 Big Macs.
  • Lowest: Extreme nachos at 210 calories.

Cagie Moon’s

  • Highest: Double cheeseburger at 1120 calories, equal to 2.25 Big Macs.
  • Lowest: Black bean burger at 275 calories.

Bella Pasta

  • Highest: Sicilian pizza at 1150 calories, equal to two Big Macs.
  • Lowest: Chicken breast at 160 calories.

Tacos To-Go Grill

  • Highest: Carne asada/chicken nachos supreme at 1050 calories, equal to 1.75 Big Macs
  • Lowest: Chicken street taco at 120 calories.

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  1. It’s interesting that the BM has become the standard against which other foods are measured for caloric content. I had the biggest BM after eating at Bella Pasta.

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