The Office of the Registrar will send an official email to students about the changes via email later this month. | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

Sophia Levin
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According to Cal Poly university registrar Cem Sunata, there will be a big change in class registration later this month.

Sunata has not yet specified the change, and is cautious about outreach as to avoid confusion. But an official release will be sent to students via email in late October.

There have already been changes made to the registration system in the past, including a separate rotation for graduating seniors and using a student’s degree-applicable units to determine rotation schedules. The separate rotation is currently in effect and the degree applicable units plan will be implemented in Fall 2015.

In the current registration system, each continuing student is placed in one of 12 alphabetical rotation groups that are rotated each term. Within a category is an assigned appointment time to register. Students determine their registration appointment time according to the first three letters of their last name and register on any scheduled day after their registration appointment time begins.

Higher priority is given to students with special needs and first-time students who need an advantage to begin their academic careers successfully.

In addition, all undergraduate students are eligible to use a total of three priority registration appointments over the course of their time at Cal Poly.

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