Sally Loo’s serves up ‘cozy appeal’

As fun as sit-down restaurants are, nothing beats a simple meal at a local café. One of those gems that I had the pleasure of visiting was Sally Loo’s Wholesome Cafe, just one of many small, organic restaurants in town that aim to serve healthy, local and organic coffee shop goods to the railroad district and greater San Luis Obispo area.

College students: learn how to drink coffee the right way

Aryana Azmoudeh Special to Mustang Daily As college students, we can all agree sometimes we need that extra boost of energy, especially during midterms and finals. Even though coffee can be healthy when consumed in moderation, students must take into…

Arming your body against midterms

We all hear the same sob story three times a year: not enough sleep because of an all-nighter spent at Cal Poly’s legendary Robert E. Kennedy Library, too much stress and not enough time to do or think about anything…

Get your buzz on: coffee shops of SLO

When your second round of midterms hits, the library might not cut it as a prime study spot. After all, spending dozens of hours scrunched between books (which may be older than your parents) and a guy blasting Tyga from…

VIDEO: Frappy Hour

Starbucks’ “Happy Hour” with half-priced frappuccinos hits Cal Poly.

Kicking the caffeine habit

There’s no better time than now to cut back on your caffeine use. What if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow and you didn’t have access to caffeine? Would you be able to function?

Espresso yourself with newest, biggest Starbucks drink size

Less than one month after its release in select states including California, Starbucks’ new 31-ounce drink size is causing a stir among media outlets, some of whom call the beverage “massive” and even “worrisome.”

New coffee shop Kreuzberg, Ca brings a little Berlin to town

New coffee lounge Kreuzberg, Ca seeks to give students and community members a unique hangout place where books and drinks are perfectly paired.

Be a conscious coffee addict

We have a rich cultural heritage in coffee, and though many people still cling to the old health myths, recent studies are discovering that the regular use of coffee holds health benefits ranging from a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes to the possible prevention of Alzeimers.

Some foods cannot be enjoyed by all

Do you ever wonder why Jews cannot eat pork or why Mormons cannot drink coffee? The obvious reason is because it is against their religion, but do you know why it is against it?

A different kind of brew

It is no secret that I like a good brew. I mean, I practically threw a party at Spikes when I finished my “Around the World” card. But there are several other spots around San Luis Obispo that craft a…