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Scout Coffee Co. is just three days old, and owners Jon and Sara Peterson say business is booming.

“It’s great,” Jon said. “It looks like things are going to work out just fine and we’re excited about it.”

According to Jon, Scout Coffee Co. has been approximately 10 years in the making.

Sara taught herself from cookbooks and online recipes how to brew up the best drinks.

Some of the specialties at Scout are its Chemex brewed coffee, cappuccinos and old-fashioned milkshakes.

One of Sara’s favorite treats is a Scout cookie with in-house made almond milk.

Jon says social media has played into the shop’s success.

“I think Instragram might have been the way that people started to find out about what we’re doing here, and it’s been awesome,” Jon said.

Some customers are sharing their Scout experiences through their social media pages.

The owners said the trendy, laid-back vibe of Scout is attracting Cal Poly students, both as customers and staff.

“Cal Poly students are great, really smart and just great people,” Jon said. “We actually did our first round of hiring and have a lot of Cal Poly students on staff which we’re super excited about. And it looks like we will be doing more hiring soon too.”

Liberal studies freshman Joy Lomax said it’s a fun place to work and hang out.

“I think it’s a great place for students to be,” Lomax said. “You kind of get an escape from campus and get a different vibe.”

Scout Coffee Co. is located in downtown San Luis Obispo at 1130 Garden St.

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