The details on the Axe Detailer

Axe repeatedly demonstrates that the Detailer can “clean your balls” while never once using it on a person.

“Because I am Furniture” examines consequences of emotional abuse

What is a good novel? Does it have to have beautiful, lengthy prose? Something that has complex sentence structure?

Go rogue with Rogue Brewery’s unique beers

Howdy ho, Cal Poly. I hope this fine Thursday morning/afternoon/evening/night is treating you all well. I’m sure it is. Just a couple more weeks of that whole school deal. Got those final exams and papers coming up.

Firestone Walker Brewery provides a variety of tastes

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. This little boy had big dreams. Dreams of exploration, fame, fortune — being a columnist who talks about different kinds of beers and exbeeriences.

Drowning with the Underwater Peoples

It took the soaring guitar of Alex Bleeker and the Freaks and their self-titled album to give me the balls (or the naiveté) to try to describe the kind of music that this label puts out.

Country should look to Reagan’s example during trying times

Thirty years ago, America faced almost the same problems that it faces today. President Jimmy Carter preached that the sky was falling.

Sex kills

Sex usually won’t kill you — usually.

Stone Brew packs a powerful punch

Mustang Daily beer columnist gets Stone.

Five dollars or less – improving surprise sex for cheap

Unexpected sex is not exactly something people complain about — far from it in fact.

“The Book of Lost Things” shows another side of fairy tales

Most of us are familiar with the softened Disney version of fairy tales, but few of us have read any of the original Grimm’s fairy tales or anything like them.

Beauty and judgment in the dating Web site era

Your professor could judge you based on your lack of understanding of “Crime and Punishment,” someone on the bus could disapprove of your choice of clothes, hairstyle or music, or the cashier at the drugstore could judge your purchase of lube and candy canes.