America’s National Parks: Purveyors of the American Spirit

Embodied within America’s national parks are the principles of equality, unity, freedom and democracy.

Individual rights activist speaks at Cal Poly

Adam Kissel of FIRE, an individual rights protection organization, spoke on campus about the rights that students have across the nation.

Fighting Fire with FIRE: Freedom of Speech on Campus

We have all heard the unusual arguments for free speech in situations of burning flags, but we often fail to acknowledge the day-to-day restriction of free speech on college campuses.

Americans still have plenty to be thankful for

So rather than critique things or express what I’d like to see in the future, I want to focus on the things that I’m proud of and thankful for right now.

Rights questioned during speech

Cal Poly’s College of Liberal Arts sponsored an event in honor of Constitution Day last Thursday. Dr. Sonu Bedi, a professor of Government at Dartmouth College, gave a lecture on his book, “Rejecting Rights.”

Construction to begin on Simpson Strong-Tie Lab

The Simpson Strong-Tie building, which has been in the planning stages for four to five years, is finally ready to break ground.

VIDEO: Same-sex marriage supporters rally at Mitchell Park

Cal Poly students and community members supporting same-sex marriage rallied together at Mitchell Park after Tuesday’s California Supreme Court ruling upheld Proposition 8.

The Second Amendment matters again in California

The little-known case of Nordyke v. King is a huge and much-needed milestone for protecting Second Amendment rights at the state level, and has opened the door for other gun rights cases which previously had no standing to commence.