Feeding an Uncertain Future

The potential for positive change through revolutionizing what we eat is tremendous.

Failing your New Year’s resolution? Don’t worry, everyone else is, too

If you have already nixed your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, don’t sweat it. Experts say many diets are actually destined for failure when approached in certain ways.

Keeping off the Freshman 15

Sam Gilbert is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily health columnist. The transition to a new school and community isn’t always the easiest thing. Although Cal Poly — not that we’re biased or anything — feels like home almost instantly,…

Arming your body against midterms

We all hear the same sob story three times a year: not enough sleep because of an all-nighter spent at Cal Poly’s legendary Robert E. Kennedy Library, too much stress and not enough time to do or think about anything…

Conquering a gluten-free diet

Heather Rockwood is a food science senior and Mustang Daily food columnist. Recently, I went to the grocery store and, yet again, came home with the wrong dessert to please all my roommates. It is not that they are picky…

Defining your relationship with the food you eat

The much-anticipated week has finally arrived — the first week back to classes. I can tell you what is already going through most people’s heads. Wowies: “That was the most amazing week ever! School is so awesome!” Wow Leaders: “I’m…

Freshman test bodies before disappearing in a FLASH

Currently, FLASH is working on the Freshmen Heart Health Study, which screens newly admitted freshmen from fall quarter and tests their cholesterol and glucose.

Fight the aftereffects of holiday treats with a few simple tricks

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, gifts and, most importantly, food. However, before taking a bite into that huge slice of apple pie or extra helping of mashed potatoes and gravy, here are a few tips to avoid returning in January with some extra holiday poundage.

When being thin equals being perfect

With its slogan, “It’s great to be thin!” Zantrex isn’t just stuffing its product down viewer throats — it is slapping us with an idea that makes people sick and kills thousands a year.

Poly hosts seminar on healthy eating, cancer prevention

The hour-long seminar included discussion on the myths about foods causing cancer, easy steps to stay healthy, ways to create a well-balanced diet when fighting cancer, and real stories from Cal Poly survivor, Ashley James.