Cal Poly unit cap agreement reached

All the majors Cal Poly requested to go over 180 units were approved.

Cal Poly contributes to computer research

A Cal Poly research team is working on one of the final steps to build the world’s first large-scale quantum computer. If the results turn out as expected, physics assistant professor Katharina Gillen’s research could be the missing key. “It…

Professor files workload complaint

The second formal grievance hearing in Cal Poly’s history, which focused on excessive workloads given to professors in the electrical engineering department, was held Nov. 16. Electrical engineering associate professor Bryan Mealy said he was subjected to an excessive workload from…

Engineering department receives ABET recognition

The College of Engineering received recognition at the 2010 Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) symposium for its assessment techniques and evaluation reports utilized by the ABET for ongoing accreditation.

EE grading guideline disappears

A controversial grading policy was voted down in the electrical engineering department during spring quarter.