After 5 years, safety text alert system looking into new format

Allison Montroy When an assault occurred in Poly Canyon Village parking structure late Sept. 27, computer engineering freshman Nestor Alvarez was in his dorm. He, like many other students, received a mass text a few hours after the incident…

Amateur radio club hosts emergency communications demonstration

The Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club hosted an emergency communications demonstration to showcase the importance of amateur radio in disaster situations.

Children and drunks: Main users of emergency phones

Cal Poly University Chief of Police William Watton cannot remember a time when a Code Blue emergency phone prevented an emergency on campus.

Student falls out of third-floor dorm, no details released

A female Cal Poly student was rushed to the hospital early Saturday morning after falling out of a window on the third floor of a dormitory, university police said.

Fault found near Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

In December, Assemblyman Blakeslee introduced a bill that would require that PG&E to use three-dimensional geophysical mapping in order to more accurately determine the risk. PG&E opposes the bill.