Brown pulls trigger, more budget cuts

California Gov. Jerry Brown released his yearly budget proposal last Thursday, introducing the possibility of additional cuts to the California State University (CSU) system. The proposed cuts come less than a month after a December trigger cut slashed $100 million…

Half of the California DREAM is made a reality

Governor Brown signed half of the California DREAM ACT, allowing undocumented students easier access to financial aid.

Budgeting with billion dollar cuts

Governor Jerry Brown presented the May Revision of the California budget May 16.

Governor Brown cuts CSU’s green

The California State University  system could undergo a $500 million budget cut, according to Governor Jerry Brown’s 2011-12 state budget proposal released Monday.

Whitman’s spending can’t buy my vote

With election less than a week away, who will gain the vote from the left side — Brown or Whitman?

A race between Whitman and Brown in November is ideal

Frankly, a race between Whitman and Brown is the kind I want to see in November. Jerry Brown has extensive experience and knowledge concerning the position of governor, having successfully served as governor of California from 1975 to 1983. Meg Whitman is a relatively reasonable conservative, and I imagine will more fully develop her plan for California in the coming months.