Orfalea College of Business looks to bolster reputation

The Orfalea College of Business is looking to hire the public relations firm Dan Klores Communications (DKC) to help build its reputation. The business school will join a client list that includes Ashlee Simpson, Microsoft and J. Crew.

Games connect students in human resources

With the down economy, it can be harder for recent grads to find their way in the professional world. If only it was as easy as playing a game. What if it is?

Graduate school: to go, or not to go?

Graduate school can offer advancements later in a career while an immediate job offers experience, something many employers look for in a potential employee. What’s the better option?

Facebook: A college graduate’s accomplice or enemy?

Students’ Facebook profiles can work for or against them when employers look to social networking sites to prescreen potential employees.

BLOG: Money back guarantee for jobless grads?

Should college graduates get their money back if they don’t secure employment after graduation? One New York City woman thinks so.

Students struggle to find summer jobs in SLO

Cal Poly students can benefit from Career Services’ advice on how to find a summer job, internship, or volunteer and add to a resume.

Flexibility, patience key for graduates’ job search

There’s one thing Cal Poly graduates will want to keep in mind while hunting for their dream job this summer; be flexible. Chances are you won’t find it right away.

Find your niche in the scheme of green

Anyone with a successful career has at some point taken an inventory of their skills and interests and funneled them into a position that pays. Turn what you are merely good at into a career you love by finding a way integrate sustainability into your area of expertise.

Minimum wage blatently ignores non-monetary benefits of work

The minimum wage sparks a great deal of controversy because it is an emotion-laden topic. Such emotion is quite understandable as any talk on minimum wage naturally involves a discussion about poor people. And curiously, the prosperous and the well-positioned in our society, among them most college students, seem to never tire of amusing and exasperating themselves at dinner table debates over what to do or what not to do with the poor.