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ASI lines up new dance rules

Remember to leave your cowboy boots at home and to not stomp your feet next time you are line dancing at Chumash Auditorium. Cal Poly’s Country Line Dancing Club hosts six barn dances per year at Chumash Auditorium, but new rules put in place by Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) have banned stomping feet and wearing […]

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Line dance blues

I would like to say I consider myself a pretty good dancer. I was lucky enough to inherit the dancing gene from my grandmother who was the jitterbug queen back in her day. At family functions, I tend to be one of the first on the dance floor and dragging my cousins to join me. […]

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Go country at The Graduate

Tuesday is Dollar Daze, Wednesday College Hump Night and Friday Noche Caliente, but Thursday marks the most popular San Luis Obispo night of them all — Country Night. The Graduate turns from a sports bar into a country-style barn dance every Thursday starting at 9 p.m., and DJ Rich keeps the dances kickin’ until 3 […]