Valentine’s Day — an early warning

You have 50 days until Valentine’s Day. Why am I giving you so much notice? Well, you might need it. If you believe the media, you probably should have started planning months ago.

Quirky wedding tale is pleasantly offbeat and unexpected

Nicholas Weinstock’s “As Long as She Needs Me” is an engaging read on the nature of what it means to put your job before your own life and when it’s time to switch up your priorities.

Moral dilemmas of communist Russia still relevant

This is one of the most thought-provoking and interesting story lines I’ve read. It is full of philosophical ideals as well as an engaging plot that makes complex theories seem relatable and relevant.

Decoding stage between happy couple and break-up

It is sort of amazing how someone could want a relationship and claim they love a person, but then decide they need to go on a break for a period of time just to test the relationship.

Sometimes it’s not so easy to “Love the One You’re With”

He loves me, he loves me not. If you love something, set it free. You only hurt the one you love. Love conquers all. We’ve all heard these clichés a million times.

Surviving long distance limbo

Almost every college student has a long distance relationship of one kind or another. And by relationship I mean of any kind — familial, best friend or just one of those people who call you at peak hours of the night.

Bisexual doesn’t equal slutty

You do make a comment, half-joking, to the effect of knowing I’m bi makes you uncomfortable around me or uncomfortable having your girlfriend around me. Maybe you think my gayness is contagious and will rub off on you or your girlfriend. Or maybe you just think I’m attracted to every woman I meet. I don’t know, but for your sake, I don’t ask.

Women prefer men with something tender about them

Wealth is a product of the values of creativity, resourcefulness, ambition, intelligence and responsibility. Although money itself has a dollar sign in front, it represents much deeper values that by themselves don’t.