'Strive and Struggle' uses newspapers to tell Civil Rights story

Strive and Struggle is a traveling exhibit that documents the history of the Civil Rights Movement on campus through old Mustang Daily articles.

A closer look at Dr. King's 'Dream'

I have a dream … that we may all take the time to listen to the words of Martin Luther King Jr. instead of perpetually misinterpreting him. A breathtaking orator and stunning leader, King brought a fierce, yet productive energy…

Student rejoice, professors dismay: the holidays are well on their way

The birth of Martin Luther King Jr. was celebrated Monday at the start of the third week of instruction, much to the appreciation of students who enjoyed a three-day weekend (or four for those lucky enough to be done Thursday).

BLOG: Glen Beck’s speech worthy of location?

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck addressed thousands at his “Restoring Honor” rally on Aug. 28 at the Lincoln Memorial.