All you need for a great weekend and an easy escape

Take an “in tents” break from your studies.

Cake burglar caught in the act

Madonna Inn owner Connie Madonna-Pearce saw the burglar commit the act while reviewing the restaurant security video footage.

Secrets from the sky

Mustang News reporter Briana Whitney flies with California Highway Patrol and gains exclusive information above Central Coast landmarks including Hearst Castle and the Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

One-tank road trips

Looking for a quick fix of adventure, excitement and just-turned-legal empowerment? Find a friend with a car, and hit the road. Make some new memories just outside of San Luis Obispo with these one-tank road trips: local locations that only require one tank of gas to get there and back. With hidden gems so close by, you’re going to have to make some epic road trip playlists.

Fighting decibels with decibels: music festival aims to raise awareness about seismic testing

Mustang Daily Staff Report Music and nature will join hands this Sunday when the Citizens Opposing Acoustic Seismic Testing (COAST) alliance hosts the “S.O.S. Save Our Seas” music festival in Morro Bay. The festival is an effort “to give…

Local divers compete in underwater pumpkin carving contest

Allison Montroy Halloween festivities just got a little spookier. Instead of carving pumpkins in the well-lit, dry safety of their own homes, local divers took to the seas and carved pumpkins in the bone-chilling dark green waters of Morro…

"Bikini experiment” turned Cal Poly sponsor

Enrique Sanchez-Rivera said he has always been entrepreneurial and always wanted to own his own business. He never thought his business would be a fashion brand though. He began La Isla 13 years ago, when a trip back to his…

Leap back in time to San Luis Obispo County before civilization

San Luis Obispo 12,000 years ago existed in the transition from one geological epoch to the next, the Pleistocene to the Holocene. The biggest difference from the present was the lower sea level, sitting about 400 feet lower toward the end of the last glacial maximum roughly 12,000 years ago.

Civil engineering students reveal plans for SLO bike path

Students from Cal Poly’s Sustainable Mobility civil engineering class presented proposals for a new bike path from Cal Poly through Cuesta College and Chorro Valley to Morro Bay.