You'll never believe what the Editor-in-Chief of Mustang News has to say

Since launching Mustang News’ new integrated newsroom in September, I’ve been observing you, dear reader, from behind the shroud of Google Analytics. The results are nothing less than fascinating.

'Strive and Struggle' uses newspapers to tell Civil Rights story

Strive and Struggle is a traveling exhibit that documents the history of the Civil Rights Movement on campus through old Mustang Daily articles.

Nation’s leader Krieghoff humbled by spotlight

Elise Krieghoff needed a bike. The sophomore women’s soccer player doesn’t have a car, so she sought a new mode of transportation at an unlikely retailer: a thrift shop.

Mustang Minute, Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013: 2nd Annual SLO Fest brings local businesses to campus

Olivia DeGennaro [follow id= “LivDeGennaro”] Mustang News anchor Olivia DeGennaro talks with some of the local businesses at SLO Fest.

Mustang News becomes fifth name of Cal Poly’s newspaper

I should have looked at my watch for an official time of death. But what I can say is that at approximately 8:45 a.m. Friday morning, Mustang Daily was no more.

Mustang Daily evolves with the times

We’re producing two print publications each week and one traditional news broadcast, but the crux of our operation is moving online — a platform we can update dozens, hundreds of times a week.

Cellphone (app)eal

There are some things Millennials just can’t live without: namely, their cell phones.

American Summer

The house did not belong to them, but the dream was all their own.

Sleep on it: why students need shuteye

Sam Gilbert is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily health columnist. Week five really brings a plethora of emotions. Sure, we’re only five weeks away from the most beautiful season of the year, but we’re also dealing with the ugliest…