The perils of political polarization

In a democracy, there’s no arguing that we need political discourse, debate and discussion.

Critic of CSU salaries gains support in bid for Congress

Photo courtesy of Neon Tommy. State Sen. Ted Lieu (left) was in favor of a bill that would have allowed university admissions officers to consider race, gender and ethnicity in admissions. Gov. Jerry Brown (right) vetoed the bill. Kyle McCarty…

Cal Poly students more united than Congress, against Congress

The federal government shutdown, which lasted 16 days, ended on Oct. 17 when President Barack Obama signed a bill raising the debt limit.

Massive student interest led to new political science minor

A survey of 800 students was conducted, questioning whether there would be interest in a minor and if students would be likely to take it, political science professor Matthew Moore said.

Past ASI presidents: Where are they now?

Holly Dickson Of the past five Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) presidents, all but one are living in California and, so far, no one has gone into politics. Kiyana Tabrizi 2011–12 Kiyana Tabrizi, the most recent ASI President, recently relocated…

Catalonia caught in the crossfire

J.J. Jenkins is a business administration junior and Mustang Daily study abroad columnist.  If you thought the United States presidential election was heated, the politicization of daily life in Barcelona is a full-blown wildfire. On Nov. 25, the citizens of…

Do Cal Poly students care about politics? Probably not.

Cal Poly Student Life and Leadership coordinator Jesse Torrey loves to vote. She said it creates American patriotism that is visible in the results of both national and local elections. But it is unfortunate, she said, students do not share her…

United States politics requires us

Greetings, Mustangs! I have the privilege of representing the liberal perspective in the Mustang Daily this year, a responsibility I carry with pride and honor.

Poly senior is potential mayor

Cal Poly senior Andrew Farrell is preparing for the November elections where he will be on the ballot for Mayor. Some feel that he lacks the experience needed for the job. Regardless, Farrell is taking his candidacy seriously and is looking forward to a victory.

A misguided State of the Union

I made an effort to watch the State of the Union in its entirety this past week. To say the least, I was not impressed.

Maldonado as Lt Gov seeks Legislature confirmation

If confirmed, Maldonado would replace John Garamendi, a Democrat, who was elected to congress early November. But both the state Senate and Assembly must vote as a majority. The challenge is three members of the Senate have already announced plans to run for the lieutenant governor seat.