Armstrong's house turned home

This May marks another first for Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong. He and his wife, Sharon, will have resided in the University House on campus for one year. After a relocation process that began in February 2011, Armstrong has finally…

Staying 'Aware Awake Alive'

As Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong extends his hand for a handshake, he reveals a black wristband with the words “Aware Awake Alive,” in blue writing. “Aware Awake Alive is teaching Cal Poly students to look out for each other,”…

BLOG: Stand up against sexual assault

Blogger says we need to stand together as a community to prevent sexual assault in light of recent reported rapes.

Gender-neutral housing in works for Cal Poly

There is a gender-neutral policy in the works that would help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students feel more at ease in their living situations on campus, as well as individuals who simply feel more comfortable rooming with the opposite sex.

New president officially takes office

For Jeffrey Armstrong today will begin just like any other day — he’ll get up, go for a run, shower, eat breakfast and spend time with his wife, Sharon. After that, things for Armstrong will change. Today is his first official…