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  1. Out of 18 #askarmstrong tweets, “Cats or Dogs?” got chosen over a serious question about the school’s policy on skateboards?… Thanks for doing the interview, but I’m definitely disappointed with it.

    1. Hi Geremy,

      This is Jacob, editor-in-chief of Mustang News. I appreciate your feedback.

      There were a lot of good questions tweeted, and we decided to pick the ones that dealt with the most recent news and events at Cal Poly, in addition to some more humorous, get-to-know-you questions for President Armstrong.

      We felt skateboarding policy isn’t the most relevant issue right now and either way, ASI would be the organization responsible for policy changes. If you want your questions answered or your voice heard, I’d suggest you get in touch with ASI. I’m sure they could help.

      If you have any more questions, shoot me an email at

      I’m happy to talk.


  2. 2:49 “The issues is we don’t have enough cars to make our parking budget whole.” What exactly does the parking budget cover? Paying people to write parking tickets? Charging students $375-525 a year is ridiculous. How about the budget for your salary Armstrong?!?! Making nearly a half million a year, of course you’re willing to lie through your teeth. Disappointed to see you and your buddy Humphrey as the so called “leaders” of this University.

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